So Much Room For Activities in Colonia Del Sacramento

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Crossing into our seventh country of the trip was easy. We (us + Postcard Valet) just hopped on the Colonia Express ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia Del Sacramento. Before boarding, we went through passport stamping procedures and that was it for emigration and immigration. Then, a short hour and a half cruise across the Rio De La Plata and BAM…there was Uruguay.

This was our first time traveling with others and we decided to give a group trip to Uruguay a try. Sure, we’ve spent time exploring with the Alaskans, but we haven’t done the whole transportation, finding a hostel and trip planning with others. I wasn’t sure how it would go down with two planners (Oksana and me) and two geeks (Arlo and Dusty) in one group. It turned out fine as we have learned what each other is willing to accept when it comes to accommodations, food and drink, which is…let’s face it…most important while traveling.

And now that I write that, I realize that our first attempt was pretty much a failure. Dusty and I went in search of a hostel while Arlo and Oksana watched our bags. We found one we thought was decent enough. One might even call it great had we been in Bolivia. Anyway, at only $10 over budget, which was inevitable in Uruguay, we took it for one night. Unfortunately, it was very windy and rain that night. The next morning we shared our disasters. Dusty and I had to move to a different room because giant ants were trying to join us in bed, being audacious enough to climb onto our pillows. The nerve! Arlo and Oksana had to sleep up against their door in order to escape the rain leaking through the roof on to their bed. Ahhh, South America.

So, despite the hostel nightmares. Colonia was a nice town. It’s old with old cars and old streets and old stuff. We spent the day of our arrival wandering around and looking at all the old stuff it had to offer. Just look at it, it’s OLLLLDDDD!

Not every town we visit has penguins or glaciers or salt flats or ruins. Sometimes it’s nice to just wander the streets. Sometimes you have to make your own fun. Sometimes you have to make your own activities. Thanks to Arlo for creating this activity and capturing it on “film”. Mouse over the bottom photo for even more fun.

After one interesting day and night in Colonia Del Sacramento, it was time to move on. We did learn one lesson, though. If you’re bored, make your own fun, even if it means getting looks from the locals. Be the crazy gringos, it makes for better blog posts.

From Colonia


Colonia Express
What: Ferry
Where: between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay
Cost: $258 UYU or $13.70 USD each, round trip (prices vary)
Duration: about 1.5 hours
Review: fast, easy, great, cheap
Other: there are other options (Buquebus and SeaCat), we chose Colonia Express because of price and hours offered

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