Here is a look at what we spend to live, work, and play. This is our total personal costs, including everything that we need to travel, eat, drink, sleep, and explore.

As we collect more data, we are going to be keeping a 12-month average of our daily cost. Our goal right now is to keep that number close to $100/day.


  • Transport: Transportation costs getting from city to city such as bus, taxi, boat, airfare, or gas when home.
  • Rent: Hostel/hotel/apartment rental costs
  • Gifts: Gifts for family and friends such as weddings, birthdays, christmas, etc..
  • Misc: Items that don’t happen regularly such as clothing, laundry, postcards, gadgets, toothpaste.
  • Insurance: Health, auto, travel, car, and personal articles insurance.
  • Health: Out of pocket health care costs such as dental work, contacts, glasses, copays, etc…
  • Food: Most costs related to eating such as groceries and dining.
  • Allowance: This is our own personal discretionary spending such as vanilla latte or large beers.
  • Activities: Costs to have fun such as tours, surfing lessons, movies, shows.