En Fuego: Punta del Diablo

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Imagine you’ve just left high roller town and you’re headed to the place where “you’ll see more white people with dreadlocks per capita than anywhere else in South America” 1 We weren’t quite sure we were in the right place when the bus stopped in “downtown” Punta Del Diablo. Another ghost town, but this time with dirt roads and sand dunes. Let the adventure begin!

It didn’t take long to settle into a cabaña on the hill and get right to burning things. Our cabaña came with two awesome amenities. The only amenities really….a fireplace and a giant built in grill. A pyro’s dream! Dusty and Arlo got the grill going while Oksana and I prepared the food for our asado. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t put on fire duties. We probably would have had a raging bonfire in no time. That’s how I do it. I can’t help it.

Piles and piles of chicken, sausage, steak and vegetables can’t be wrong. The two nights we spent in Punta Del Diablo were dedicated to the burning and cooking of things. We were quite proud of our feasts and fires. The rest of our time was spent playing on the rocks, in the dunes and by the beach.

From Punto del Diablo

It’s funny that no matter where we go, we can still keep in contact with the world. Sure, things are a little more complicated such as there only being one ATM in the area which was located a short walk out of town and forget about using a credit card anywhere. However, we were, amazingly, able to get internet in one area near the home of our cabaña owner. One night, I made an offer on a house in Cincinnati (via Google Voice) while sitting on a rock outside our landlord’s house! Strange what you can get done from afar! Life goes on while you’re living it up on the coast of Uruguay.

What: Two bedroom, 1 bath cabaña with grill
How: Show up in Punta Del Diablo, find signs that say cabaña for rent, not listed online
Cost: $1,300 UYU or $69 USD per night

1 Thanks to Wikitravel for keeping it real.

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