What's the Punta?

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Uhhh. This is so hard sometimes. (I know, poor me!) I started off writing something about Punta Del Este trying to fluff it up and make it sound interesting. It sounded so lame. Listen, sometimes NOTHING happens. At least nothing of significance. For instance, when we visited Potosí, Bolivia, we left without doing anything and the photos weren’t that great. So, I pretended we didn’t go there and didn’t post about it. Do you feel cheated?

Anyway, Punta Del Este was about to get the heave ho but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It was actually beautiful and we got some great photos, but we just didn’t do much while we were there. The place was a ghost town. We wandered around a bit and played on the rocks which is a favorite past time of ours. The rest of the time we chose to snuggle up in our apartment and chill, since it is fall down here and starting to get cold and rainy. Our apartment was nice and had a panoramic view of the ocean and city. We stared out the windows watching the rain, fiddled around with our computers and ate a ton of cookies. That’s about it.

3 Bedroom Apartment
$89 per night
pool, panoramic views, wifi
Dusty’s Review: “pretty cool”
Wendy’s Review: “nice view, great price”

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