Free Fun in Buenos Aires

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As I’ve been blabbing on about in prior posts, we’ve spent a LOT of money in Argentina. So, we’ve been chilling out in Buenos Aires for about two weeks trying to make up for it. The accommodations and restaurants are still expensive, of course, but the activities are not. It’s free to wander the streets and snap photos and that’s just what we’ve been doing. How about a photo tour + commentary of Buenos Aires?

Located just 5 blocks from our apartment and centered between 14 lanes of traffic on Avenida 9 de Julio. Stand in one particular spot and see 3 McDonald’s at the one time. Head to one to do important research on what an Argentine McDonald’s has to offer. Highlight (or lowlight) is the Double Angus Burger with Tasty Sauce. Disagree on whether it actually is in fact tasty.

Women’s Bridge
Named supposedly because a number of the surrounding streets have women’s names. Not much to do here but look at it and capture a photo Next, head to Hooters across the street in an attempt to cure your hot wings cravings. You will not be satisfied because it’s not BW’s.

Plaza Intendente Torcuato de Alvear
Shop for artisan crafts and watch tango dancers and street performers. Wish you could tango because they look really cool. Leave the park after the street performers spend 10 minutes collecting money after each stunt.

Recoleta Cemetary
Cemetery containing the graves of important Argentines including Eva Perón and several presidents. Spend hours here wandering around through the maze of mausoleums spanning a city block. Push your way through the crowd at Evita’s grave to get your own picture. Be sad and creeped out by the mausoleums that have been broken into and wrecked. Be awed by the architecture of the rest.

El Ateneo
Theater turned bookstore with a cafe on the stage. Find a book in English and be very excited about it. Sit and read it for hours.

San Telmo Market
Walk through several blocks full of antiques, crafts, clothing, artwork, street performers and food vendors. Find a soda bottle that you really want but can’t figure out how to carry it with you in your backpack through two more countries. Walk away 10 pounds lighter and $10 richer than you might have been.

There’s so much to see here and we’ve only scratched the surface. We’ll be back in 2 weeks to take on some more Buenos Aires with our first visitor! Should get interesting!

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