The Whole State of Michigan

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Let me tell you about a shocking, shocking location. Despite what Ohio will lead you to believe about the whole state of Michigan, it doesn’t all suck.

Interestingly, we found Saugatuck, Michigan last year because we needed to escape Ohio for a bit. I wanted to go to the beach but assumed that would have to be a 10-11 hour drive to the Atlantic Ocean. No thank you. Something about babies and day long car rides that aren’t so much fun. So, I asked Google to find me the closest beach to Cincinnati. Just 5 hours away were the white sand beaches of Saugatuck, voted one of the top beaches of the world one year in some list somewhere….or something. Totally legit, I’m sure. But sure enough, it was awesome. You know you are fooled when you keep calling Lake Michigan the ocean. I’m ok with being fooled. This year we brought our friends, Jason, Eileen and their daughter Casey along to fool them, too.

What is most surprising, more than the white sand dunes and Oval Beach, is the tiny walkable town of Saugatuck. Not one chain establishment. Not one fast food restaurant. Not one Applebees or Chevron or other annoying pile of bricks. Only delicious locally owned restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries and bars. Ideal really.

I’m surprised how often we did get out, despite all of us feeling sick. We rented a one bedroom condo where we could relax between excursions. Staying in a home rather than a hotel is especially helpful when you can easily wash the sheets and clothes after your toddler pukes on them. Yay, traveling!

Don’t forget Michigan has vineyards and blueberries. We didn’t make the vineyard this year but blueberry picking was a highlight. We left with about 8 pounds per family. Not a bad showing.

Not quite as balls out as our past adventures biking dangerous highways or sailing fjords, but we’re learning to find new ways to entertain ourselves. Our new fun is watching Carson figure things out and explore. She has such a unique way of looking at things that is refreshing. Add her silly BFF, Casey to the mix and it’s time to sit back with some wine and enjoy the entertainment.

Babies and drinking comment. Yeah that’s a good ending.

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