Keeping It Real

· by wendy · CincinnatiOhio

It’s been a LONG LONG time since I’ve posted. We’ve traveled here and there but nothing epic like our past trips which is what I felt like I had to post here. If we aren’t roaming, then why post? However, after some thinking, I’ve decided to get back at it. I thought baby and kid posts would be annoying. Funnily enough, friends and family (and even FB acquaintances) tell me that even though kid posts can sometimes be boring, mine are hilarious. I’m not sure I believe them, but maybe it’s not all about entertaining everyone. Maybe it’s about sharing the rough times, too. So many of you seem to enjoy when I keep it real.

Maybe you like knowing that someone else out there has a toddler with their face down in the middle of a parking lot throwing an epic tantrum because I asked to hold her hand.

Disclaimer: this is a small, low traffic garage that gets no action mid-day. She was not in any danger.

Maybe you like to see that we are the people who only have one pair of shoes for their child and that one pair busted a hole while on vacation. And we did nothing about it.

Maybe I just want to have a public diary. Whatever. We’ll see how this blogging with toddler goes. I promise a majority of these posts will be shorter than my previous years. Ain’t nobody got time for writing a single post for 3 hours.

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