Side Trip to Zion

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This blog has been on hold for months because of this post. I can’t stand to post out of order, and pretty much refuse to, much to Dusty’s dismay. So, since I couldn’t think of anything profound to say about Zion National Park, this whole blog came to a screeching halt. It’s unfortunate, really because it’s one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever visited! We actually ended up there by accident. After winning our next day hiking passes to The Wave (posted out of chronological order! gahhh!), we needed to fill the rest of the day with some sort of activity. Quick research revealed Zion to be only a half-hour drive away. Off we went on a short day trip.

Don’t get me wrong, just because I can’t think of anything to say about something doesn’t mean it doesn’t totally kick ass. Zion National Park does. At the time I remember thinking, “People are freakin’ idiots if they don’t come see this in their lifetime.” Zion is one of those places where you just have to see it for yourself. No dramatic mishaps happened while we were there, just dramatic drop-offs and views, so it’s hard for me to come of with the words. The only thing I can say is that it’s very Dr. Seuss-like. And so, instead of babbling on more like an freakin’ idiot, let me just shut up and show you…

While Dusty’s photos are fantastic, as usual, I feel like they still don’t do it the place justice. There’s probably not a lens big enough to fit it all in!

After a day of hiking and taking in views, we were heading back toward Kanab when we saw these guys. I was totally pumped as buffalo were on my list of things I wanted to see on this trip.

Now, let me ask you…are they really wild if they are being held back by a fence?

A little further down the road, a sign captured our eye. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park? Um, yes please. The decision was made in a matter of seconds and we swerved off the main highway toward the sand dunes. Time was of the essence as the sun was coming down. It was the golden hour, in photog speak, and we were about to miss it. The hundreds (no joke) of migrating deer flanking either side of the road to the dunes didn’t make our hurrying any easier. We kept our eyes peeled for deer making any sudden movements while we sped along the road. Finally, we made it. Dusty bolted from the car while I moseyed to the viewing platform. He ventured in, I went back to the car and napped.

Finally, the sun had gone and golden hour was over. We poked along back toward the highway being sure to watch the beady little eyes trying to make a break for the other side. Luckily, no deer were injured in the making of this blog post.

Zion National Park
Admission: $25 7 day pass per vehicle or $80 annual pass good for all National Parks

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