Happy Thanksgiving from Asia!

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Yesterday, we were talking to some Canadian girls when I stumped us all with the question, “Why do Canada and the U.S. have Thanksgiving on different dates?” No one knew. Eventually we decided that it has to do with Canada having an earlier harvest than we do. I decided to do some more research on the matter but quickly got bored and gave up. Never figured it out. I give thanks for Google and my right to not use it.

My searching was definitely distracted by this article I found from India Today that said, “For the people in US Thanksgiving is a time for merrymaking, shopping, family reunion, feasts and family dinners. People also take time to thank God for his constant grace and for all the material possessions they enjoy.” That put an end to my fact search. Screw that article. Have you ever heard anyone (except a child, maybe one I know) to say, “I give thanks for my iPad! Also, let’s throw in some thanks for pajama jeans, Starbucks lattes and my Kindle!” I hope not. Save that nonsense for Black Friday! And, don’t get me started on that ridiculousness! (The same Canadians told us that they love our Thanksgiving because of Black Friday. They wake up at 4am, drive to the border and hit the stores in Buffalo, NY. Champions of shopping!)

It’s interesting thinking about where Dusty and I have been since the last Thanksgiving which was at a potluck in Ecuador. Ten countries later, today we had Turkey Dinner Sandwiches in a cafe in Luang Prabang, Laos. Shredded turkey, stuffing, cranberry and gravy for dipping. MMMMmmmmmmmmmm. :) I felt a little naughty eating it for lunch while everyone at home was still sleeping. I think I’ll have another for breakfast when everyone at home is having Turkey Dinner! Is that cheating or magic?

Happy Thanksgiving, America! We miss you and hope you have a great day!

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