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After traveling through all of those South American countries and learning about their history, it occurred to us that we haven’t really done the same in our own. So, from Knoxville we headed to Washington D.C. to check it out for awhile. Lucky for us a friend from high school, Frank, and his wife, Lindsay, live there and showed us the ropes.

What’s weird is that we had been to Frank and Lindsay’s wedding, but I still had yet to actually meet Lindsay. You know how weddings are, hectic and you get very little time to talk. Even if we had met, a wedding is not the place to try to get to know the bride. I wondered, “Who is this woman who would marry Frank?” Not to worry, people ask this same thing about Dusty all the time. Dusty is such a special person that it would take a special someone (me!) to love his specialness. I gathered it would be the same situation with Lindsay to Frank. Frank is a special sort of character who stands 6’5" and carries a nickname of “Franken” (Dr. Franken to you). He’s funny, smart and strange all rolled into one.

Turns out Lindsay is cool! No surprise. We dig the Franken. It’s logical that we dig Franken’s better half. Anyway, Frank and Lindsay were good sports and showed us around town as best they could seeing as though Dusty takes pictures of anything and everything. Squirrel with an acorn in it’s mouth? Yes. An albino squirrel? Yes. Chasing the albino squirrel around a tree? Yes.

Photos of the Washington Monument “standing” in as a body part? YES, of course.

We’re double lucky they thought this was funny. It could go either way, you know.

Sorry to anyone who is offended. Especially any of our parents. But, you know what? We are the people we are today because of you. So, thanks!

Frank and Lindsay put up with us all day even though we only saw probably half of what they had planned.

We ended up at a bar that overlooks the White House and enjoyed a pitcher of mojitos after a long day of walking. We thought maybe Dusty had finally gone too far with the photos when he took that last one of the snipers on the White House roof. A secret service looking dude with an ear piece walked in and eyed Dusty and his camera for what seemed like quite a while. Paranoid much? I guess those mojitos were kicking in. The guy was just an employee at the bar….probably just checking out those 5 finger shoes on Dusty’s feet and thinking something along the lines of, “WTF?!?”. I guess he doesn’t see too many of those in his fancy rooftop hotel bar overlooking the home of The President.

Check out more of Dusty’s D.C. photos

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