Skipping Town With The Squirrels

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One of my favorite things in life is when you’re in a situation that is just so weird it’s funny. You know those times you think to yourself, “Ummm, wtf is going on here?” When it is so silly, it has to be done. Similar to seeing Miley Cyrus in Asunción. Random is funny. I like to embrace it.

This is exactly how I feel about the Ohio Squirrels, Dusty’s water polo team. First of all, they’re called the Squirrels. So ferocious, those KILLER WATER POLO SQUIRRELS! These Squirrels go to tournaments, which seems normal enough, however the Squirrels have the highest average age of any team they play against. They play against college teams for the most part. The Squirrels’ ages range from 26 to 45. It makes for an interesting group to say the least.

Every summer the Squirrels play in University of Tennessee’s Hillbilly Classic in Knoxville. It’s a can’t miss when you’re sure to hear a conversation such as:

Dusty: I love this tournament. It’s been my favorite for years.

UT Player: Really? How long have you been coming?

Dusty: {awkward pause}….Ummm, since ’95.

UT Player: Dude! I was three years old!

What’s better than this conversation is when the youngsters can’t score on the Squirrels 45 year old goalie. Or, better yet, since the Squirrels are coed, when a girl Squirrel shoots and scores on an unsuspecting college boy.

And who doesn’t want picturesque moments such as these?

Embrace the strange and random whenever possible. Life’s better that way.

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