Up, Up and Away!

· by wendy · Colombia

Hola! We’re here in Zona Rosa-Poblado, Medellin, Colombia and man is this city ginormous! We got a sense of just how big it is yesterday. A 20 minute walk from our hostel put us on the subway system called the Metro which follows the Medellin River.

I bet we looked like a bunch of idiots as we kept going up and down the stairs trying to figure out which side of the platform to be on. Finally the train came and again, newbies looking like idiots. We didn’t get on fast enough and I was about to be left behind as the doors were closing in on me while Dusty was already in the car. Dusty was such the man though and fought the doors open to squeeze me on. My hero! Told you he would take care of me, mom and dad! So, safe and sound on the train we were able to get a good idea of what different neighborhoods looked like as we passed them by.

Eleven stops later was the transfer to this cable car that took us way above the city. Let me tell you….this is awesome!

We soared high above houses, restaurants and people. We also went by this building which is obviously a library, people!

At the top of the city the cable car transfers you to another set of cars that takes you away from Medellin to El Parque Ecologico Piedras Blancas. The park has much to do such as hiking, boating and horseback riding.

We walked 3km to the Parque Entrance including walking over this strange green stuff they were spreading onto the road.

Dusty was hungry so he had a Cucaracha Hamburguesa for lunch. Mmmm yummy!

Sike! This is from El Insectario which housed Colombia’s finest meals insects .

After a hike and the bugs, we decided it was time to go back. We really enjoyed the metro cable. The views were excellent and we really got a feel for the city and it’s vastness.

Just the Facts, Ma’am


  • Walk to and from hostel in Poblado near Parque Lleras: 2 miles
  • Walk from Cable Arvi to El Parque Ecologico: 2.5 miles

How Much

Activity US Dollars Colombian Pesos
Metro $ .75 $1,350
Metro Cable free w/ Metro ticket
Cable Arvi $1.38 $2,500
El Parque Ecologico Piedras Blanca $2.05 $3,700
Insectario $2.39 $4,300

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