Crashing in Colombia: Arcadia Hostel

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Many of you have asked about where we’re staying and what it’s like. There’s much to say, actually. We arrived several days ago via taxi to the entrance of Arcadia Hostel. Not that impressive from the outside as you can see. I’ve heard from someone that posting a sign means more taxes to pay. We’re lucky we found it.

Luckily I had done my research and could tell the cab driver exactly where to go. We showed up without reservations and were “lucky” to obtain a room with a set of bunk beds. After so many hours of travel, we took what we could get. Several days later we upgraded to a private room but we have now moved back to the bunks because the private room had been booked. The beds are not comfortable at all. I think my back is broken.

The hostel is quite nice and clean because it is brand new. It has a nice kitchen that I have been able to prepare salsa, of course, as well as eggs for breakfast and chicken or steak for dinner. The people here have been really nice and the internet is for the most part cooperative.

Last night there was a bbq with many in attendance. The Greek hostel owner, Spirros, grilled “pork and cow”. It was so delicious! I’ll be stealing that recipe. He dipped half of a lime in a mixture of olive oil, lime, oregano, butter, salt and pepper and smeared it all over the meat. We loved it as well as the potatoes, salsa and guac that accompanied it.

The bbq quickly turned into a party just as I was getting tired and ready for bed. As I laid down, a band set up in the living room and began rocking out. I really wished I was ready to party at that point cause sleeping wasn’t going to happen. Dusty is videoing this on the opposite side of our bedroom wall.

Bbq and party aside, the nights have all been a little rough due to the many people partying or returning from the clubs. The location the hostel is in I would compare to Scottsdale, AZ. Upscale area but with quite the night life. Frequently we have started cooking breakfast just as others are returning from the discotecs, literally still popping beers from the night before. I can’t decide if we are less crazy, uncool or just old.

Rough nights aside, it is great during the day as the loud ones are passed out! We like to play on our computers here on the patio.

We also use it as a viewing area for US programming at times. Love us some Gordon Ramsay!

All in all, I’d say Arcadia Hostel was the best option for us. After spending a day hostel shopping, we found ours was probably the quietest, if you can believe that. There are nicer hostels, but are located above or near bars and clubs. The bars and clubs like to fight for who can be heard, so it’s quite deafening in the wee hours. I can only imagine it being 10 times louder there. I’m beginning to see that we’ll need to invest in some ear plugs.


Arcadia Hostel
Location: Calle 11A No 31A – 188, Medellin, Colombia
Phone: 57(4)3127208

Private bunk room: $45,000 COP or $24.89 USD
Double bed w/ private bath: $65,000 COP or $35.95 USD
Stay 6 days get 7th free for the time being!

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