All Signs Lead To The Chiang Mai Zoo

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Mission: To follow the directions in our guide book that instruct us to go to a certain temple, then find a walking path “nearby” that will take us on a hike to the Bhubing Palace.

Lost: Get the guys to ask some monks where it is because women aren’t allowed to speak to them. They point us one way. No path. We ask a different monk, they point a different direction. No path. We ask someone else. No path.

Hope: Wander a bit. Find a sign with a hiker on it. Success! Follow the signs.

Confusion: “Wait, why is the hiker on the sign wearing a top hat? And I don’t think that’s a walking stick. I think it’s a cane.” Follow the sign anyway.

Failure: Follow the sign that leads to a restaurant next to the zoo.

Plan B: Give up and have a drink. Check out the Chiang Mai Zoo.


Realize the hiker on the sign was not a hiker at all.

Just good ole’ Johnnie Walker. :(


Chiang Mai Zoo
Cost per person: 100 baht or $3.25 USD
See the pandas: 100 baht or $3.25 USD

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