Buenos Aires: Parte Dos

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We took a beating in Cabo Polonio. All self induced, of course. As a result, our next few days in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, was pretty low key. Not to mention, it was Easter week or Semana Santa, so not much happening but high prices. We then retreated back to Buenos Aires to refuel and await the arrival of Todd (Todd-a-plop), Dusty’s best friend growing up.

We both were very excited for a friend to visit from home, but were also a bit apprehensive. Backpacking is NOT vacationing. There are several differences between the two. First, backpackers save money wherever possible so they can travel longer and see more. This means choosing less appealing food, transportation and accommodations while vacationers are trying to live the high life during their hard earned time off. Secondly, backpacking is a marathon, vacationing is a sprint. Backpackers rest because they have time to, while vacationers must see, eat and buy it all in a short period of time. Merging the two types together can be frustrating for both parties.

Needless to say, we were a bit relieved when Todd continued to express his interest in simply tagging along doing what we do. “I want to experience how you guys travel.” Sure, you say that now…I was thinking. He meant it though, going as far as to ask me what he should pack. I sent a semi-detailed list and was still a bit surprised when he showed up in Buenos Aires with a bag containing exactly everything on the list. He even brought a roll of toilet paper, which I must admit, I told him to bring for my own amusement just to see if he would. Don’t get me wrong, it is a necessity on the road, but he could have picked up a roll down here. We’re glad he brought some from home, though. We didn’t realize we missed the soft fluffy TP on our bums. Nothing but sandpaper around these parts.

For his first day, we spent some time wandering the streets of Buenos Aires, visiting The Women’s Bridge at Puerto Madero and the neighborhood of San Telmo. Even though we had already visited these areas, we had a great time. It’s incredible what another person can add to your experience. Dusty and Todd had fun with forced perspective pictures of which cannot be displayed on this blog.

We ended our tour by eating at our first Porteño (of or relating to Buenos Aires) restaurant. Until this point we had only eaten at our apartment, McDonald’s and Hooters while in Buenos Aires. So disappointing, isn’t it? We were more than willing to stuff some empañadas and canastitas in our pie holes. It was something Todd HAD to experience before leaving as well as some Quilmes beer. Who were we to get in the way of his mission?

We ended our day with an asado on the roof of our building with Arlo and Oksana. One can’t come to Argentina and not experience an asado. I’m not sure how accurate it is when Americans are hosting it, but I like to think that if you have enough meat, vegetables and wine, you’re close enough.


La Muzza Inspiradora
Awesome empañadas and canastitas for around $5 ARS or $1.25 USD
Callao 684 in Congreso
Blanco Encalada 2982 in Belgrano

Dusty’s Review: freaking delicious!
Wendy’s Review: please, can I have more?
Todd’s Review: thinking about marrying them.

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