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“Can I try now?” has been said far too often on our trip. While one of us is taking a picture, the other is usually standing behind them thinking they can do better. It’s our competitive nature, I suppose. Lately, I have succumbed to the fact that Dusty’s photos are actually pretty good. So, I’ve stopped trying to get my crack at it as often. You’d think we would have less photos, but somehow it’s not true. Dusty going hog wild with the camera coupled with some awesome destinations has resulted in four hundred photos each time we go out on an adventure. Memory sticks are filling up, batteries are dying down and our camera is pooped. Now, she’s taped up and looking pretty pitiful.

Anyway, my point is that we have a billion photos which means a huge amount of time sorting, trashing, enhancing and uploading. Some great, awesome, superb (and as my Dad says, superior) posts and pics are on the way. Until then, we thought you might enjoy some video footage of the Uyuni Salt Flats. When we are asked which place is our favorite so far, our answer is always Uyuni. It’s the weirdest, most awesome and unBoliviable place!

Thanks to Arlo and Oksana from Postcard Valet for putting together this awesome video! It’s 15 minutes of joy, and totally worth it. By the way, this is some professional stuff. We’re interviewed and everything. It’s big time, people.

You MUST watch this video.

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