Baby Llamas

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View of La Paz, Bolivia

We’re old and we know it. Hanging out in La Paz reminded us of that fact. After checking out 10 hostels (literally) with no luck, we finally settled for Hostel Republica. It was dungeony and smelly. The next day we checked into Wild Rover Hostel. We were now staying at our first party hostel. After one night, we finally did something we should have done a long, long time ago. We bought some earplugs. What a difference it makes. Earplugs coupled with an ambiant sound app Dusty downloaded on his iPod meant we could hang with the youngins.

Well, we tried. Wild Rover has an Irish pub in it, which was great. But, after a couple of beers, we were done and hit the hay around 10 p.m. Our hostel mates partied until the wee hours every night (read: morning). The early morning hours after Australia Day were particularly gruesome. Thank goodness for our earplugs! Despite our loud neighbors, we enjoyed wifi in our room and hot, clean showers. Ohhh, the hot showers! We were so spoiled!

We also felt so spoiled with the Irish fare. So many people ask us, “What’s the food like?!” Well, it’s rice and meat and more rice. Sometimes a pile of rice for breakfast if we’re not careful. We were so over it. We even resorted to eating some meals in our hostel beds. A favorite hostel bed meal is tuna and crackers. Another is a banana, an apple, Doritos and chocolate bars. Yum! Needless to say, the hostel bar saw us at almost every meal.

Having a great place to stay meant we wanted to hang out in La Paz longer than planned. We spent our mornings enjoying breakfast in the pub on our computers while our hostel mates were heading to bed. The afternoons were spent wandering around town finding miradors or lookouts, being extra careful to carry rocks with us in case any mangy mutt decided to look at us funny.

View of La Paz, Bolivia

We also visited the Witches Market. Here, they sell lots of things but most of it is alpaca products. Alpaca sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and fetuses. Yes, that’s right, fetuses. From what I’ve read, they bury them next to their house for good luck. We couldn’t help but stop at every stall and stare at the different ones on display. Big ones, small ones, hairy ones, bald ones….layed in a bed, hung by their heads…so many to choose from! We couldn’t help but capture them all for you to see here.

Stall at the Witches Market in View of La Paz, Bolivia Llama Fetuses at the Witches Market in View of La Paz, Bolivia

Llama Fetuses at the Witches Market in View of La Paz, Bolivia

Llama Fetuses at the Witches Market in View of La Paz, Bolivia Witches Market in View of La Paz, Bolivia

Two of you will be lucky recipients of fetus postcards. You’re welcome!

Want to see more La Paz? Want a postcard?

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