Frappuccinos and Fountains

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Run Like Hell It's a Tsunami Sign!!! I know you’ll all feel really sorry for us, but travelling can be really stressful! Since our relaxing month in Salinas, Ecuador we have visited five cities in Ecuador and four in Peru. On a typical day, we will arrive in a new city after a long bus ride, search through several hostels…give up and settle on one that’s good enough, find internet to update everyone on our whereabouts, eat, then sleep. The next day we might go on another search for a better hostel because our first choice was not good enough as well as trying to find a lavanderia for laundry, a market for snacks and water, a pharmacy for allergy medicine, toothpaste and shampoo, and finding a time and place to blog about the fun stuff. A couple days later I’ll start the hours of research about our next destination including a trip to the bus station to buy tickets for the next day. There are so many logistics and so much running around it can become tiring. When you’re only in a location for 3 or 4 days, this can eat up a lot of time.

This is why I don’t feel an ounce of regret for sitting at Starbucks for at least 3 hours everyday that we have been in Lima. As I have said before, we needed a shred of normalcy after so many days on the road. In fact, things have been so normal here that while I sat and wrote this post, Dusty went out and purchased another computer. Just like at home!

We did venture out of the cafe to spend more time with the Alaskans, Oksana and Arlo. One such adventure was to Parque de la Reserva, a giant fountain park which holds the a Guinness World Record for the highest public fountain in the world. It was a nice way to spend a night while continuing on our relaxed pace.

Wendy Barfing into Tea Cup Fountain in Parque de La Reserva Fountain in Parque de La Reserva
Fountain in Parque de La Reserva Dusty Drinking Tea at Parque de La Reserva
Fountain in Parque de La Reserva Fountain in Parque de La Reserva at Night

There is also a light show in the main fountain. Pretty cool stuff. I bet it’s hard to believe you’re looking at a fountain in these pictures.

Fountain Light Show in Parque de La Reserva Fountain Light Show in Parque de La Reserva

Aside from our fountain trip and many Starbucks visits, we have also been able to take in an Ohio State Football win (O-H-I-O!) as well as a UC win over Xavier (Go Bearcats!). Good times. Someday I’d like to report that we witnessed a Benglas or Sun Devils win while on the road. I’m not holding my breath.

Lima/Miraflores Details

Parque de Las Reservas: 4 soles each or $1.43 USD

Best Places to Catch American Sports: Corner Bar on Avenida Larco or Chili’s or Friday’s at Larcomar Mall

Best Sandwiches at Great Prices: La Lucha Sangucheria

Best Dessert: Cremoladas Curich

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