October was expensive

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The other day I posted a story about our Budget. Now I will show how we did last month.

The Results

Officially we were over budget by $200. Also, we started the trip on October 12th, which means we were only gone for 20 days or about 3 weeks. So, not really that great.

The Details

Here is the break down on the important parts. I won’t go into detail about the regular things like health insurance, just the parts that are directly influenced by our travels.

Category Budget Actual Difference Notes
Transportation 300 652 352 getting from city to city
Rent 800 748 (52) hostel, apartment
Misc 200 100 (100) random things like laundry or postage
Activities 400 400 0 tours, admissions, etc..
Groceries 240 240 0 food for cooking
Allowance 400 400 0 beer, dining, toys
TOTAL 2340 2540 200

The Hits

  • The big hit was the Transportation cost. I needed to settle down for a month to work on a project for a client. So, we thought getting to a beach town ASAP would be the best move and decided to just fly from Colombia to Ecuador. That put us way over.
  • The Activities category is a savings program. We’ve been automatically transferring $100/week to a separate savings account that is allocated for having guilt-free fun. We actually only spent $79.00 out of that $400 last month. But, savings is still considered an expense for us so we can plan for it.
  • Allowance is mostly used for drinks and dining out. Misc in October was mostly from running out of Allowance from drinking and eating in Montanita.

Areas for improvement.

  • Since we’ve built up some room on the Activities account, we are reducing that contribution for November.
  • Right now we allocate $800/month on rent. That comes to about $27/day. I think we can do better than that.
  • We will try to eat at home more often in November, which should help from going over on Allowance. :)

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