So Loved Salento

· by wendy · Colombia

We left Salento over a week ago, but I have to give it it’s due. We loved it there. It wasn’t flashy or fancy or even great weather. It was just a really cool town with cowboys in ponchos, horses walking down the street and a totally laid back vibe. Take a look:

If You Go

Everything is centered around the square and Calle Real which is located to the left of the church.

  • Dining: At Lucy’s on Calle Real…you’ll get a bowl of vegetable soup, whole banana and fresh fruit juice followed by chicken, rice, plantains, small tortilla, beans and a small dessert for $3
  • Grocery: Wander around town and grab fresh produce, bread, pastries and meat at stores specializing in each or go to the grocery store on the square which specializes in none of them
  • View: Walk to the end of Calle Real, go up the stairs to a small park overlooking town.
  • Shopping: Calle Real has most of the shops selling ponchos, cowboy hats, jewelry, candles and trinkets
  • Transportation: All buses, Jeep and tuk-tuks leave from the square

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